About ABN

The American Blues Network is a format designed to appeal to the 25-65 year old male and female and it features the industry's best Blues talent. The American Blues Network is the only 24-hour blues format via satellite. Radio stations across the south realize the blues format works and have initiated day parts that include an All Blues Saturday and Midday Blues.  The unique ability to be heard all over the world with live on air talents via the internet is a definite plus in this programs marketing.


Why it works:
The American Blues Network is successful mainly because consumers can identify with the blues.  The blues format touches home with people in general because it is real down home music.  The blues expresses musically our thoughts and feelings in a unique but entertaining manner.  It is a proven fact that blues is the fastest growing format.  Stations around the country have included in its format "All Blues Saturday",  "Midday Blues" etc.  The bottom line is blues works.

There’s something for every blues lover from “party blues & oldies” to “Classic Blues Sunday’s”


Who listens?
The American Blues Network draws the attention on audiences of all walks of life but mainly the age group of 25-65.  This identifies individuals who have had a lot of life experiences and this is what the blues expresses.


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